Mold & Asbestos Remediation


Mold Remediation & Disaster Recovery

JBR is an industry leader in Mold Remediation, testing and consulting services. The proper removal of mold is a detailed process that if not done correctly can continue to cause permanent damage and illness.

JBR can perform thorough indoor air quality tests and we use tried and tested structural drying techniques. Quite often moldy areas of a structure will need to be removed, and we offer total or selective demolition services along with proper disposal of recovered waste.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos and lead paint can be extremely hazardous if not monitored or handled properly. JBR is an expert in air monitoring, inspection, and abatement. We offer select or total demolition and emergency spill cleanup services to safely remove and dispose of these dangerous materials.

JBR uses a mobile lab and hazmat services to expedite the testing and removal of dangerous materials. We handle all aspects of the disposal process, including permits, profiles, manifests, packaging, transportation, and final disposal.

At JBR we understand that protecting the environment and serving the customer is really the same thing. When you excel at the former you accomplish the latter.